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Web and Graphic Design Services

My name is Tom and I do web and graphic design. Here you will find a small sample of my recent works.

I'm proficient with HTML, CSS and WordPress, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator for print ready files and art creation for ads, social media, swag, etc. I can also help optimize your website for fundamental SEO issues with content and advise or apply fixes.

If you've watched the USA Network TV Show Mr Robot, then you may have seen my work on Elliot's desktop when he uses Kali Linux, which featured the Kali Linux logo and wallpapers that I created.

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Web and Grpahic Design

Some Examples of My Work

Muts.io site refresh, April 2022

Web and Graphic Design for Offensive Security

Offensive Security


Combined multiple image assets based on
Content Developers concept for his blog post

IRQLs Close Encounters of the Rootkit Kind

And just about every OffSec blog post image from 2008-2022 (as well as Kali.org)

Combined multiple images using OffSec Course Icons
and stock images for compelling blog post imagery

The Value of Subscriptions

The Value of Subscriptions

Kali Linux logo, challenge coin
and tee designs

Kali Linux swag

Kali Linux swag sample

As seen on the USA Network
TV show Mr. Robot

mr. Robot

Kali Linux Wallpapers / Kali Linux Logo

As seen in the video game
Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

Kali Linux Wallpaper in hideout laptop

OffSec Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation
course promo

Always Be Learning

Social media images

Adversarial Mindset social
media post

Adversarial Mindset

Social media images

OffSec Twitch promo
for Instagram

Join us on Twitch

Social media images

OffSec Twitch promo
for Instagram

Join us on Twitch

Social media images

OffSec macOS EXP-312 course
promo for Instagram

macOS EXP-312 course promo

Social media images

Kali Linux Revealed:
Mastering the Penetration Testing Distribution

Kali Linux Revealed

OffSec Press book cover
(Paperback — January 1, 2017)